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                  Alissa Justine Weber Bech: a little about me:

My history with staffords started many years ago; I was a dogwalker at 14 years of age. I Was going to walk the beagle Rose, in the same block i saw the little puppy, a staffordshire Bull Terrier at 8weeks named Chilli. I Knew instantly that this was my breed and her "parents" asked if I wanted to bring her on the walk. This started my life with the most wonderfull breed in the world, and i became a Staffaholic!

I walked Chilli everyday for the next years, and she never brought any doubt in my mind that this was the perfect breed for me.

When i turned 18. I was sure i wanted to work with dogs, i started my education as a dogbehaviorist at Etological Institution.

I Bought Honey my first Staffordshie Bull Terrier, She have been my Friend, companion and Soulmate until August 2010:'(

She had such a beautiful soul, and she was the easiest dog to be around, she was REALLY well trained, and loved everybody.

I did a lot of obedience work with her, and she learned me so much. She started Angelic Staff and gave me a total of 10 puppies. Not least Honey is the reason Kenneth and I meet eachother.

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Kenneth Jensen



Vanilla, Ninja and Mini Honey                                                                          Vanilla 3years and Buffy 3weeks

Kenneth, Vanilla, Ninja + summer litter 2009


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