Biologically Appropriate Raw Food



About Barf:

BARF is about feeding dogs and cats properly. The aim of BARF is to maximize the health, longevity and reproductive capacity of pets and by so doing, minimize the need for veterinary intervention. How do you feed a dog properly? You feed it the diet that it evolved to eat. Its evolutionary diet. A Biologically Appropriate Raw Food diet. A BARF diet. The BARF diet is simple in philosophy and construction. It looks at the diet of a wild or feral animal and mimics that type of feeding regime using available whole raw foodstuffs. The diet may be enhanced with various supplements. Once the principles are understood, anybody can do this. No great education is required.

The Angelic Staff BARF diet:

We feed our dogs with raw food, and we're truly convinced that the diet and exersize we give our dogs bring them to the maximun of health.

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